Saves don't work


Hello, I am playing in normal mode (not hardcore),  but the saves won't work. Every time I save the game the save file is not created (my saves list stays empty). Quicksaves (F5) and quickloads (F9) work while I am playing, but if I exit the game those disappear as well, and when I restart the game I have to start from scratch with a new campaign. In the main menu I get no option to load a previous save from the campaign I was playing or continue from the last save (the buttons are not there). Obviously this is quite frustrating, because I have restarted the game twice already only to discover that nothing had been saved! 

Saves don't work
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50 days ago
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62 days ago

I am having the same issue, saves are not saving. Just recently bought it on the Steam holiday sale so it should be up to date.