Steam Scream Fest:

The Revenge Sale


Hunters and Knights!

Otherwordly whispers, rattling bones, seeping darkness... what's this? Deadly emanations of the Ink? The cursed mists of twisted Avalon?

Better: it's Steam! 

More precisely, the annual spooky seasonal sale at Valve's cabinet of curiosities, this time called Steam Scream Fest: The Revenge. Some of our games fit the theme nicely, this year we are offering a handful of games for the dark harvest.

Explore the land of Borgovia with young Van Helsing and his lovely ghost companion Katarina in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut that includes the full trilogy of acclaimed ARPGs, set deadly traps against the intruders of the Ink in Deathtrap. Camelot is in ruins, but take up your arms against the dark forces of Avalon and rebuild your kingdom as Mordred in King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

The discounts:

We hope you have a terrific time with our games!

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Steam Scream Fest: The Revenge Sale
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