Overall Season high score?


Currently - 102  JerrodfnSaunders 1,759 on playstation.  

My scores from all Seasons:

Season of the Inferno - 849

Season of the Warp Surge - 10 (did not get into this one)

Season of the Void Brethren - 900

Season of Empyrean Echoes - 1374

Season of Judgement - (ongoing so not added obviously)

Total score - 3,133  

That is currently 16th place via Playstation leaderboards.  Why is my Empyrean Echoes score not added on?  

Yes, I am a March 2019 Playstation purchaser who was pissed when I bought it as I couldnt get past the tutorial level due to a glitch.  It was my first full weekend off in months so I was butthurt lol.  Congratulations NeoCore...you have not only kept/regained me as a player with the EXCELLENT work youve all done since then, but I now have nearing 1,700hrs in this game.  Hats off.  Kudos.  Ive not let any other game off for something similar except yours.  Its a fantastic game.  Can you please look into this.  

P.S. When can we play as an Adeptus Astartes?

Thank you for your time and the extra work youve done on this game.

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Overall Season high score?
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36 days ago
Hello, I'm sorry for failing to get back to you. There is an unfortunate desync between our backend and your game, but since it shows correctly on our end, there isn't anything "wrong" we could tweak upon. I'm sorry about the unsatisfactory news. I could offer you some compensation for the trouble in form of loot, if you accepted that, though obviously it doesn't right the leaderboard issue.
36 days ago
Still 1,759 as of today, October 25th, 2023 when I log in and check overall season score leaderboards?!
67 days ago

Appreciate that thank you.

74 days ago
Hey there, 

first of all, thank you for your continued support despite the initial hardships. Means a lot to us :)
As to your issue, I've asked our console team to take a look at how your points add up, and will update you with anything I hear back from them. Stay tuned!