Total PC Freeze/Diashow


When i play Missions in Warhammer 40K Martyr or i do nothing on the Commandobridge i have a big Chance to Collaps my PC, i cant play 2 Hours without a Mega Pc freeze. Its a horror, i like to play this game, i would, but its always very frustrating. 1 min before you finished a mission, LAG, Freeze, Reestart, Thanks.  Hope you can help and fix the Problem. 

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Total PC Freeze/Diashow
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260 days ago

Hey there, thanks for your patience with these issues. There's a couple fixes I recommend you try that help alleviate issues like this with great efficiency. First, please try and delete font files from C:\...\documents\Neocoregames\warhammer martyr\fonts\ , and see if this helps at all.