Catastropic bug/glitch in current season, PS version!


And I do mean, "Catastrophic". :(

So, I'm level 100, been playing the current season since it began, and my seasonal stasis casket reflected that. Hundreds of shards, psalm codes, Intels, to say nothing of high level armour, weapons etc.

Anyway, last night, working my way through the "Prophecy" storyline, completed a mission, and did what I've done hundreds of times before. Checked to see what I had I wanted to store, saw I had a shard, psalm code, etc. Go to my stasis chest, and put the items in automatically, not even really looking at the stasis casket. Done this a million times before, so...

Then my mind - already thinking ahead to the next mission - noted something odd. Hey, wait... I wasn't selling items... I was storing them, so...

Why was my stasis casket devoid of items except for the couple I'd just put in?!?!

Somehow - and I have no idea how - everything I'd stored was... deleted. Gone.

My first thought, quit the game, reload back in.

And I was greeted with the same thing. My last items safely stored, everything else... deleted.

Needless to say, this is my worst day of playing Inquisitor Martyr since I bought the game.

I play on PS5. User ID there is Tygerewolf.

My last - admittedly forlorn - hope of recovering my stash is to post about this one-in-a-million glitch, in the hope somehow, someway, my items can be recovered. Maybe there's a server backup somewhere that has my stuff.


Hoping that someone can help. :(

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Catastropic bug/glitch in current season, PS version!
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262 days ago
~laughing~ So that's where those loot boxes came from! Funny story about that...

So at the time you put them into my inventory, I was actually playing the game... just completed one of the DLC quests, sold the junk I didn't want, and hey I guess the game gave me a loot box...

(Sometimes when you're zooming through the game, you're already in your inventory by the time the game tells you you have a reward. I barely look at the reward menus, anyway just let the items add to inventory, sort it out from there)

So I click on this loot box, hey cool, I completed the quest, got a nice bonus, right? :D

Only the loot box didn't go away after I clicked it. Got items. Hey, did the lootbox glitch on me too, what happens if I click it again??? :D :D

Turned out it "glitched" three times! :D :D :D

As it turned out, I did get some excellent additions to my weapons, armour etc, which put a big on my face, especially when I read your message and realised where those three loot boxes had actually come from. What a wonderful surprise, and so deeply appreciated your kindness in gifting me those! Thank you so very much, and now when I play, I shall go to my stasis casket and smile each time, remembering your helpfulness and kind spirit. :)

There's no need to reply to this, I just thought I'd share my fun story, and my appreciation as to your generosity. Truly, thank you again, and I'll do my best not to break the game for at least a day! :D

~mumble under breathe~ Well, aside from making it crash sometimes when I sign in or sign out, but you never heard that... ;D

263 days ago
Hey there, thank you for the kind words! Means a lot to me as well. I've left a couple loot-bags in your inventory for the whole ordeal. Let's hope no further issues arise. 

Have a great one!

264 days ago

Hey there, thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly too! :)

Before I update on the missing stash situation, I just wanted to express my gratitude, not only at your getting back to me, but with such a positive and uplifting response too. Not only did you not do a generic "cut and paste" reply - as is so often the case these days - but your willingness to go above and beyond, in doing what you could to replace the items if all else failed, meant a very great deal to me. And so I thank you, truly, for your kindness and willingness to help.

I also know some would say, it's just a game, and I know I could have put the time in to collect at least some of the items again, but when you've spent 200+ hours on the season, getting to level 100, finding all the shards, psalms, armour, weapons etc, it was always going to be quite the setback.Especially since I'd never experienced anything like that before in the game.

However, I listened to what you said, and decided to play the game again, not having touched it since the original incident.  My heart just hadn't been in it, to go back and see my empty stash... :(

So I tried what you suggested, started the game, opened my stash and... everything is back!!!!!!!

I think... 

Okay, bear with me, because my stasis casket had some... oddities to it. So I'm not 100% sure that absolutely every item is back, but... worst case scenario, I got 99.9% of my items back, and I can live with that!

So, oddities. The 4 items I'd put in, when the casket was empty, now occupied the first 4 slots in the casket. These were single slot items,; shards, psalms, intel. Strangely, the spaces immediately below them were empty. Now, I know the items that had occupied those first four slot locations, had been weapons, which take up two spaces. So one of two things must have happened when everything returned. Either;

The new items pushed everything to the right, and the storage adjusted automatically, or;
The new items overwrote whatever was there originally, leaving the missing spaces, because the original items were weapons.

There's honestly no way for me to know, either way!

The oddities continued after I hit "sort by type" too. No problem, until I came to the lone intel from the "new" items. For some reason, it had refused to combine with the 16 others in my stash! Sitting there all on its own, I had to manually drag and drop it onto my original stash before it finally accepted that it was part of the intel stash I had, and that 16 became 17 - weird!

So yes, as you wisely suggested, the glitch seems to have rectified itself, and I'm more than grateful for your help! And well, if I lost a few weapons, just more of an excuse to vanish into the seasonal boss area, and try my luck again! ;D

(I love seeing those words "This level is very high - are you SURE you want to enter?!" Yes, yes I am. Give me all your lovely loot! :D)

I hope whatever your red letter day is - and wherever in the world you're celebrating it! - that you have the most awesome and fun filled of times. Me? I just finished the Prophecy story line, now to work my way through the DLC, and hopefully NOT breaking the game - yet again! (So if you should see me back here in a few days... :D)

Again, I cannot thank you enough. Just know your kindness more than made up for what happened in the game! :)

264 days ago
Hey there, I'm so sorry about this issue. We'll take a look at your account in the next couple days in hopes of sorting this out (today is a red-letter holiday in our country so it might be a couple days till everyone catches up with their tasks.) At worst I will try and compensate you richly if we were unable to get you your items back. In the meantime please try restarting the game several times, most of the times disappearing items will return after some tries. Hope you have a great day otherwise..