Network Error


I have been trying to play Final Cut, but after creating an account, the login screen says "Network Error". Tried password changes, email changes, uninstalled, reinstalled, still getting "Network error". Please help. 

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Network Error
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1 year 122 days ago
I just found a solution. Check my reply above ;-)
1 year 122 days ago
This is the fix to the Network failure error: 

-if you create your account directly from the website, it will work fine directly. 

-if you created from the ingame form, you have to change your contact email on the website. Use an alias (firefox relay) or antoher email address. Then the online features will work. You can also put  back your origanl email if needed. 

We just bought the game few days ago with 3 of my friends and finaly found this fix to play normaly. 


1 year 128 days ago
Hi, Same for in July 2022
1 year 157 days ago
Same for me
1 year 339 days ago
Im having the same issue. Has anyone found a resolution to this yet?