Extended Maintenance from August 1 - Backend Server Migration


Inquisitor PC servers will be unavailable for approximately 72 hours from August 1 due to Backend Server Migration


in order to migrate the game's current backend systems to AWS (Amazon Web Services), we will be doing an extended PC maintenance starting on August 1. The exact server shutdown time will be announced at a later date. We have to migrate our backend services not only because it is a task born out of necessity (since our old provider is being shut down), but for practical reasons as well. We aim to solve many recurring issues by having our own backend system developed for the current form of Inquisitor, including item loss and disconnections.

The migration will last for approximately 72 hours. If all goes well, servers will be back up before the 72 hour window, so make sure to check our socials and forums often during maintenance. Please note that


Once the migration is done, you will be able to continue exactly where you left off, with all your gear and stashed items intact, so that you can lay waste on heretics all over the Sector.

To make sure that the new backend system is stable under all circumstances, a Public Stress Test will also be held later this July. We'd like to ask everyone to log in during this phase if possible so that we can ensure a more stable experience once the change is applied to live servers. Details on how to connect to the Public Stress Test will be announced later this week.

As we understand that this is rather unexpected, we'd like to offer some insight into the details as to why it is happening.

The main reason behind the change is that our current server provider (GameSparks) will be sunset and won't be operational in the future. We looked into many opportunities and decided that migrating to AWS is the best choice for us thanks to its high quality server services, as well as due to its stability and longevity.

We want to make sure that the game is live for a long time still, that's why we're committed to delivering frequent updates, as well as the upcoming Sororitas DLC with an entirely new class. And now that we're on this topic - the new class DLC is coming along according to plan - this migration will not affect this timeline whatsoever.

We know how frustrating it can be to have this much downtime during an ongoing season, but we will do our best to make sure that the migration is completed in as little time as possible.

We'd like to thank you all for your understanding and support. If you have any questions regarding this process, don't hesitate to leave a comment. We'll try to get back on every topic as soon as possible.

As always: The Emperor Protects.

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Extended Maintenance from August 1 - Backend Server Migration
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1 year 345 days ago


1 year 345 days ago

hows it going? any updates?

1 year 345 days ago

Morality system itself is good but explained in a bad way. Its not known what item mods u might get on what items! And once u finish campaign it is really difficult to make changes to morality. Maybe if there was some way to check what mods are in what pool it would help. 

It feels like this game is missing a lot of info that explains or guides. Most info what is see or have found about game is in steam made what looks by players.

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1 year 359 days ago

Thanks for keeping improving the experience.

By the way several seasonal items like "The Emperor's Vision"(eye implant) has become ridiculously rare after patch 2.5.5.  While the item "Viseral Frenzy" (Neural Implant) drops too much.

It is so widely felt and cannot be simply explained by bad luck.

If possible please fix this along with this maintenance.