The Fall of House Caldwell Mission Bug


I was playing the Endgame content, but after killing all the enemies in this Mission, it wouldnt finish or end combat mode after ending the turn many times... It is something like a neverending combat mode mission loop...

I had the build where i get AP after i kill some units... But i dont think that was the problem, since it went through all the missions before, the waves in this one, but afterwards, at the mission end, just wouldnt let me finish it ...

The best RPG of this genre i have EVER played!!!

Awesome job guys!!!


The Fall of House Caldwell Mission Bug
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1 year 130 days ago

There we go... :-P

Not bad for a future Tester? :-P

Anyhow, loaded a save, before i`ve looted them Chests, ran through the Mission, killed the Boss last...

And Voila! :-)))

So it was either them Chests, or killing the Boss last... :-)

You`re Welcome guyz! ;-)


1 year 130 days ago
Now i`ve remembered what i`ve done...

Since i am practicing for the IT Tester Job, guess this might help you guys... ;-)

The bug probably happened because i have collected the both of them chests in this area before i have started the mission...

So maybe that triggered the "neverending loop"...

Check it out... ;-)