Cabal quests - please do immediate quest status update


PLEASE just do immediate cabal quests status update. Not after the mission is finished ! 

Why ? Well, if you can not repair crashing the game in Unholy Cathedral (at least my Psyker crashes there quite regularly after 20+ min) and even though if you collect plenty of quest items when the game crashes you just add 0 to the cabal objective. This really sucks. I see no rerason why the status is not updated immediately.

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Cabal quests - please do immediate quest status update
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5 years 120 days ago


The gameplay in UC gets really slow after some time with my Psyker. It is unplayable (few fps) and often ends up by crashing the game. I think it goes together with fast mob killing since my cabal friend usually does a half of the requested cabal directive comparing to me staying there the same time. Everytime I do UC (for roughly 20 mins) I have to exit the game and start it again to avoid the problems during next UC. Today I tested playing it twice in a row : 1st took me 21mins and 2nd attemp my game slowed (huge fps drop) at 18min or so. I quickly hit ESC and Surrender, I was able to see the message that cabal directive was completed (255 nurgle items) and then it crashed.

Next time I will probably check the system resources usage. But I have 16GB RAM, i5-3470 and GeForce GTX960 (driver updated to latest version)

5 years 139 days ago
This is something reasonable! Thank you for your feedback!

On the other hand may I ask can you recall the time when you crash in Unholy Cathedral? We will get it fixed!