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Coming back to PS4 to find Warhammer 40K Martyr on PSN was what i needed after a mixed experience with Deathwing. 

After a day or two where i had to admit the game was growing on me, i got to the mission Viper's Nest.. 

Now I have been reading the forum.. And i know you have.. So you know where i am going with this! (Straight to the Emperor!)

-Continuing my second -and main- mission, after realizing Viper's Nest were nothing but a dead end, i reached the end of the campaign.

Or so i thought.. in came more single player missions, and like a fist in the face -Behold; Harbingers of Hate!

(Stop the Black Legion invasion in the Nereus system. Clues: 6/9)

  • BSoD during loadingscreen, just like Viper's Nest!

My friend who started after me just got to Viper's Nest.. 

.. The game is not finished? Is this like a beta test, early access title?

10 days since the mention of a patch, that i would imagine, have to be highly prioritized?

Can someone point me to the hard to find info, regarding this gamebreaking bug that appears on multiple Campaign missions?

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While we wait for santa
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5 years 44 days ago

It's been said 2 weeks ago !!!

When you see that for some other games, patches are released every 2 days ^^

So very difficult to understand that some can and others can't get through certification process quickly !

Or, speaking for PS4, I sent a report to SONY each time I had a crash, and I had dozens ! If I'm not the only one, and I'm sure I'm not, SONY might take a close look to the famous patch.

I remember previous one, introduced new bugs.

So yes I totally agree with the beta status of the game !

They even said they ran scripts to solve that Viper's Nest crash, well, after testing it is the exact same thing. 20 days now that my characters are stuck ! I'm just so sad I bought it digital :(

And one last thing, it's not because you're a small company that you have the right to sell games with that amount of game stopping bugs, forcing you to stay away, because what ever the number of characters you create, they'll all be stuck at the same mission.

Not so long ago, you were sure that when you bought a game, it would work bug free from start to end. I'm talking about bug that force you to stop playing because each you try you end up with a crash screen.

What about quality department ????

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5 years 45 days ago
Nick Caveman
Couldn't agree more.
5 years 45 days ago
yes, i have read it. After i made this post. 

I must admit I wrote a silly post, i can assure you it was only out of frustration.

What i expect is that when a team, no matter size, release a full priced game that is "complete", on as you said no more than three platforms, that it actually somewhat works.. Broken campaign missions is not what i expect. At least not Multiple broken campaign missions.. 

Yes, i am patient.. I like the game so i wont quit because of this.. All i wanted was some petting on my shoulder and maybe a funny meme or two.. 

But hey, Karma points to you, standing firmly on the developer side of a finished product. At least now i know what you would expect from a released title on no more than three platforms :))

5 years 45 days ago

It has been said several times in several threads already, but here it is again.

They devs fixed that bug already, the patch is done and is currently running through certification. They can not do anything to make it appear on your PS 4 faster. Because they are ppl, like you and me and they can not do magic. 

Sorry if that Info somehow did not make it to you, but now you know. 

Ane please keep in mind that this is not Blizzard, where tens of thousands of ppl work on problems 24/7. 

It is a small team, working on three platforms at the same time, what did you expect? 

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