[Xbox] Season Journey Progress Bugged - 5/6 Holy Relics


On Xbox One X, my Gamertag is SinfulDa Masta. My first boss mission I got both Holy Relics from the Blighthaulers. It shows in my journal I have them all but the Season Journey (Relic Warden challenge) shows I’m missing one. I’ve fought the Blighthaulers 10+ times since I had both Holy relics drop, not seen the one I’m “missing”. That’s 30 rolls on the 30% chance drop, this bug would explain why I’m still stuck here on the Season Journey (should be completed).

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[Xbox] Season Journey Progress Bugged - 5/6 Holy Relics
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336 days ago

Thanks a lot!

I should have read your answer before creating a new season character...he was the one who received all the rewards from the first mission!

Enjoy your week-end. 


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337 days ago
Hey there, I fixed it for you. You'll now need to gather just one more Shard of Grace for Tier 5 to complete. Cheers!
337 days ago
Same bug...

I am in tier V , 14/15 and relic warden 5/6...