W40K Inquisitor Psyker Time Warp Bugs


I found a few bugs on the Empyrean Armor's Time Warp skill. While the skill's area of effect is active:

1. Certain enemy attacks are able to breach the time warp area of effect. They are:

*Enemy guardsmen, or any enemies using laser firing weapons, will be able to shoot and damage you normally, provided they are outside the skill's area of effect. This contradicts the behavior of all other ranged weapon attacks, including other energy weapons, whose attacks will stop at the edge of the time warp area and then resume travel upon the skill's end. The laser shots travel is unaffected. 

*The beam attack of the reborn warlock enemy will also ignore the time warp area and damage the player normally. Given how narrow the laser beams from rebel guardsmen and the psychic beams from the reborn warlock are, maybe its a collision detection issue with the time warp boundary?

*Flamethrower turrets are able to damage the player in the time warp area of effect, provided of course the turret itself is outside the area of effect. I do not know if flamethrower wielding enemies are capable of doing this, due to them usually getting frozen at the edge of the time warp area before they get into effective range. The fireballs shot from the flamethrowers do stop at the edge of the time warp area though, indicating that the AoE damage fire plumes emitted from any flamethrowers are the only thing not effected.

*Finally, it seems like bigger charging enemies, like plague ogyrns and (I think some elite enemies, like toxicrenes, hellbrutes, etc.), are able to breach the edge of the time warp area and slam into you, rather than stopping at the edge as they should. This can also cause the time warp skill to end prematurely. Smaller champions like plagueridden guardians seem to be unable to do this. As a time stopping skill, time warp should be able to halt any enemy attack and any enemy attempting to breach its boundry.

2. Small, massive horde enemies, like nurgling demons, dark eldar hounds, chaos hounds, etc., are able to move into the area of effect and surround the psyker normally. However, they seem to be incapable of doing damage while the time warp skill area is active, but can still slow/block character movement to a lesser extent, as the player has to try to wade through them.

3. Negative warp heat effects are able to manifest and actively damage the player within the time warp area. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature though. Since the psyker character draws power from the warp to activate the time warp zone, it might be intentional or thematically appropriate that this occurs, since the negative warp heat effects manifest through the psyker due to his psychic power usage. After all, the time warp skill does not stop the psyker's movement or warp manifested powers. It still sucks gameplaywise though, as the negative warp heat effects can sometimes get bad enough to kill the character or force the use of a rosarius forcefield (grants temporary immunity to damage).

Fixing these bugs so time warp functions as a true time stopper for the player's enemies and enemy attacks, would be appreciated. 

EDIT#1: It looks like the Demented Psyker's (Villain Class Enemy) Empyrean Hail attack, where they call down purple rays from the sky that leave a small AoE when they impact the ground are also able to bypass the Time Warp ability and damage the player standing in it. This might have to do with the attack's direction, as coming from above might bypass the Time Warp area's ability to stop attacks, given that it is acting like a 2D circle rather than a 3D half sphere in terms of area. Either way it should stop this attack before it reaches the player. 

Also, I think that the issue with enemies charging into the circle and damaging the player might expend to most champions. Bullgyrns are able to charge a fair distance into the time warp area before getting stopped by it. If they make contact with the player before stopping, the player character will take damage. Same goes for Space Marine Champions that jump jet to the character's location. It seems like Time Warp is either semi-effective or completely ineffective at stopping enemies that try to charge/rush the player. Given that bigger charging enemies seem to charge through the Time Warp area entirely, this could be a charging mass/force value problem, where the area is letting these enemies through based on how big they are and how high this value is (just my speculation though). 

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W40K Inquisitor Psyker Time Warp Bugs
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336 days ago
Sir Billiam
Hey, at this point the devs will mostly take a look at stuff they deem gamebreaking, but there's no harm at all in asking. I'll get back to you with any answer I get on this one. Cheers
337 days ago
Thanks for the fast response and for looking into it. 

Something else that I found in the game that is unrelated to this post, is a certain berserk token enchant that rolls on (I think) just relic main and eye implants. It states: "[number] of Berserk tokens on activating a Massacre effect". This seems to work with every Massacre effect, except the effect called Angel of Death. However, since Angel of Death requires only critical hits to be inflicted (unsure how many or for what time frame) on an enemy in order to trigger it, whereas all other massacre effects trigger off of enemy death, I'm not sure if it is considered a massacre effect anymore (and I can't find any updated information using a quick Google search). If it is, it does not proc this relic enchant and my character does not receive Berserk tokens. All other massacre effects as far as I can tell work as they should and my character receives the proper amount of Berserk tokens stated in the enchant. I was unsure whether to post about this or not given that I'm not sure this is intentional or not. I would appreciate it if you, or one of the devs could clear this up, and either fix the enchant if Angel of Death is indeed intended to count as a Massacre effect, or let me know at least that this is working as intended, I'd appreciate it. 

Other than this, and some sort of weird inconsistent bug that I've encountered that sometimes causes double usage of abilities (advantageous if an attack skill used to damage enemies, disadvantageous when using defensive belt equipment buffs, because it consumes two charges instead of one for the same effect) I have not come across anything that warrants attention. If you read this comment, thank you for your time.  

337 days ago
Thank you kindly for this detailed writeup, I'll ask the devs to look over the different aspects of functionality of time warp. Cheers again, have a great one!