(XB1) No Radical Morality Choices


During the main story I played my character choices as if I were the Inquisitor.  This had me making Radical choices throughout the entirety of the game save one.

I am now within 20 or so point of Max Radical and have been so within the last month, being Very generous on the time.

I usually only play every three days or so due to the non support of the console and even less to the forums on dedimite answers and information.

Anither reason for logging in every 3 days is to lets the so called "RANDOM" Assignment build up and see if I can get one with a Radical option. With a big hearty Angr Marines F.U. as response.

Will we EVER get support for consoles or is this the very last game I trust from Neocore? Cause I should've known better with that shit show of the Van Helsing game and it's broken progression and achievements 

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(XB1) No Radical Morality Choices
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5 years 35 days ago

we does support the console version of the game just like the PC version. We have a dedicated team which continuously works on several things at the same time that are implemented into the game from time to time. Actually we released a quite big patch just over 2 weeks ago which introduced Season2 as well as brought several changes and fixes.
As for the Morality decisions we will most likely implement more choices into the game since the Demonic and Holy item enchantments will arrive soon - with the 2.0 update.