Faith Undone Mission breaking glitch PS4


I purchased Faith Undone and have been unable to proceed past the defense mission where you defend against 3 waves of rebels. I complete the mission and try to teleport out but when I do my character disappears but the music continues and I can still access the options menu but do not get to the loot screen. 

Instead, after a while the game brings me to the bridge and it does not register the mission as completed. So I’m stuck in a loop. I have tried restarting, turning off my pet, emote, trail etc. I have also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Nothing works. 

PSN: hearth19

Please help

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Faith Undone Mission breaking glitch PS4
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4 years 353 days ago

fixed, thank you

4 years 357 days ago

we made some changes on our backend yesterday, please check if the fixes resolved your progress problem. Further fixes are to be expected shortly! Our apologize for the inconvenience!

4 years 358 days ago

Hi, I have the same problem.

PSN: DaW3tt_CZe