Weekly buff "Void Brethren" is ruining seasonal chest



In this new week, we found the void brethren chests are overwriting seasonal chests.

Season 7  chest is generous in dropping and needs no key to open.

While void brethren chest needs a key from a random skull to open.

So this buff actually reduces dropping for season players :(


By the way, it may be good to tell players how to get that key directly on the weekly buff panel, each time a void brethren week opens, there will be lots of people asking how to open that chest.

Thanks !

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Weekly buff "Void Brethren" is ruining seasonal chest
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258 days ago
Yes, can confirm it's fixed now (weekly buff changed and season chests returned) 

Thanks for the help!
259 days ago
hey, thanks for the headsup! Should be fixed, can you confirm?
259 days ago
Seems it's happening again :(
364 days ago
hey, thank you for your report, after some internal testing, we have concluded to skip the current week (of the Void Brethren), and will commence the Week of the Villain. Cheers!