Sister of battle getting called a man


When playing sister of battle several NPCs have referred to the sister of battle as him and as a man.  Needles to say that is not correct, I tested this and I have not had this happen with the assassin who is properly referred to as a woman. Also on a few cut scenes the sister has called female NPCs a man. This is happening on Xbox One.

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Sister of battle getting called a man
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249 days ago
Ok, thank you for the added context!
250 days ago
Yes it is in english, as for the specific missions during the Van Wynter Legacy when confrontung the cult leader the sister of battle says "The man, the myth, the Legend" when the cult leader is a woman.  The next encounter it happened was during the same chapter when confronted by the other inquisitors on uthers sanctuary the other inquisitors orders his troops to "kill him" even though I am playing sister of battle. There where a few other instances of other NPCs making similar mistakes and the sister herself saying stuff wrong, there was even a moment she called Klosterheim a her. but I can't remember specifically what missions they happened on at the moment.
250 days ago
Is this happening in the English language? Thanks for the headsup anyway. Do you happen to remember what mission/cutscene/briefing this happens in? Cheers for any and all clarification