VH : Final Cut online mode


I have recently bought the steam version for final cut. I love the game but the online portion has not worked since I made the purchase.

Can we get an update on when the multiplayer online will be back?  From my understanding you guys are / were changing servers?? I have not found anything recently posted with an eta. Just some old posts with a vague sometime in Feb.

If I have missed something then I apologize. 

Some kind of communication would be nice as the game is being advertised and sold on steam with multiplayer...

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VH : Final Cut online mode
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6 years 362 days ago

Hi! You should write a detailed email to the support team  - [email protected]

Attach your account name.

6 years 362 days ago

I still have "network error" after the transfer. Help!

7 years 106 days ago

There is no new information to share. Very sorry for any inconvenience.

If there is something I can share, I will post it here right away.

7 years 108 days ago
As customers, we deserve a ETA.

I don't like playing full online, but it's the only char I've created and as it was so advertised as the most convenient game mode, I'd like to have a way toexport it/ play it offline.

And please, notice that: those events, those dailies (even if bit more remunerative in online), are too much grind and not time-convenient for a sp game.

It's nonsensical to make only special stash drop valuable gear.

It's a huge mistake and a reason of discontent of many users.

please, as a present for all the delays and mistakes you devs did, fix all the things listed on steam page by the few aficionado customers you still have. save the game.

7 years 113 days ago


You should also communicate with people on steam to the backend transfer article of van helsing final cut .

People start going ravage...

7 years 114 days ago

We are working hard to bring back the online/multiplayer as soon as possible. There's a backend transfer in progress, sadly it's taking a bit long. Very sorry for any inconvenience, but there's a lot of work going on.