Inquisitor - Martyr Backend update


This is a serverside change, no client update needed. Changes will take effect within the next 60 minutes.

  • Friend list duplicate fix
  • Fixed vanishing crafting materials
  • Fixed crafting cancel bug
  • Fixed stuck crafting queue

1 known craft bug remains: When you come back from a mission and you have your crafted item ready, those items are prone to item loss. Until we fix this (soon), it is advised to ESC the crafting reward, accept mission rewards, and then claim pending crafting rewards.

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Inquisitor - Martyr Backend update
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7 years 27 days ago

Hey, not sure I should post here as a reply and repeat myself, but just briefly, there's still some issues with crafting queues and item cancellations. I've made a separate thread describing the issues (that I had anyway) and admittedly went very confusing very fast, as on the spot thread writing coupled with makeshift self-fix attempts really warped things around. x)