Various suggestions


Hi all,

I'd like to submit some ideas (I'll update this post every now and then) about improving our gaming experience in this great game :)

Appearance customization

- I've noticed there's only one skin for Relic Weapons/Armors. If possible (don't see any difficulty in implementing this) it'd be great if we Inquisitors could care about our looks and redesign our dearest gear with skins that suit us better :) I really like the gorgeous look of the Relic Sentinel Armor (best imho) but I'd like to get the possibility to change the Relic Assault one, it's not bad but not so good. It'd be a blast if, added to the choice of skin, we could also change the "family" of skins (like Scythe, Mars, etc) in the Appearance Omicron menu :)

It could cost Caligari Credits and depend on what's been salvaged before (like if you never salvaged Mars Armor, you'll never get the skin for it until you do so). Would add a nice RP feeling too^^

- In the same state of mind, why not add a feature where you can save different color patterns for our gear ?


- Allow players to tag items as "Locked" in Inventory+Bank, thus avoiding sales by mistake.

- Allow players to know max stats in advance for rerolls on stuff, thus avoiding waste of time and CC on stats that can never be reached

Main Campain

- Add possibility to replay main missions


- Allow players to get a better understanding on how ranks and scoring works in leaderboards.

Difficulty and Fate

- Fate is a rare and very important currency in the game, maybe making its farming a bit less tedious by raising the Fate rewards when playing higher difficulty missions could improve this ? For example, a green or white rank mission grants normal amount of Fate, yellow and higher would have a multiplier for higher Fate rewards. Would make sense :)

Various features proposed by :

TheWiwitcheur, Valandorne

Thanks for checking out guys,


The Wiwitcheur

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Various suggestions
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Not really fan of salehouse system, always ended up with ridiculous prices for stuff "a la mode" at specific times, depending on what was doing better on leaderboards... Take Blizzard and D3 salehouse for example (well yeah ok it was with real money but point in the same) it ended up closed because it was going south. And it's always been the same in games I played with saleshouses (real money or not).

So not a fan at all :-/ 

For your other suggestions I'll add them, even if I personnaly don't care much about multi. The Cabal I'm in (* Ordo Xenos *, French and not very lore-friendly I know XD I didn't choose the name btw ;P) is mainly focused on having fun and discussing the game and builds and such. But I get the point so I'll add these ;)

Again thank you for your proposal !

EDIT : the idea about rerolling stuff is great btw, would save us a lot of time and credits !!!

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5 years 231 days ago
-With the high cost of tarot mission, it will be nice to have the possibility to buy/sale equipements to players. You search fate ? You have a lot of relics for your assassin you don’t play now ? Sale them for fate ! Or credits !

-knowing possible stats you could have when you reroll stuff. I used millions of credit to have a specific stat with my innoculator and at the end it was just impossible. Now i know, but damn it hurts, i cried like a b****

-a little more informations about the leaderboard in game. (I have any idea about what is the Marcorus Prime challenge, same with a friend who is in the top 20 with 22 score)

5 years 231 days ago
OP edited ;) thanks for your contribution, much appreciated :)
5 years 233 days ago
The possibility to replay story mission ! 
5 years 233 days ago
Nice one, I'll add it to the 1st post ! It's a very good idea !
5 years 233 days ago
Yeah it will be nice :) 

And the possibility to lock some equipements, just in case you  delete/sale a part of a second build. I know we can take back a sale, but only if we don’t end the transaction screen. So a litlle protection against a fast clean of bank ^^

5 years 234 days ago
Thank you for your valuable feedback, I forwarded them to the respective staff who will consider them!:)