Bane of the warp spawn - bugged?


Hey fellow inquisitors!

I am currently working towards the 'Bane of the Warpspawn' heroic deed. 

I bought this game two days after the release and i am currently at 13 out of the needed 250 kills. 

And i found sonething that i would call a Bug. 

I have killed tons and tons of the Giant Chaos Spawns in the Warzone and i seem to be stuck at 13/250.

Since there are literally no ways to make sure you will come across even a single one elite type demon at higher powerrating as myself outside of the warzone. 

I am at 1515 now, somewhere at 510 or so, ranked in the top 10 of the warzone and i killed at least 100 of them now. It must be bugged, there is no other way. 

Either that, or is there another way to farm elite type demons of higher powerrating? 

What in the holy name of the emperor am i supposed to do to get this last attribute point? 

My charakter is just not finished without this one point. 

Please, anyone must have finished this by now. Tell me what to do. 

I would even farm 1000 missions outside of the warzone to get this one point. 

The Emperor protects! 

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Bane of the warp spawn - bugged?
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5 years 272 days ago

Hey there, still reading this?

It has been a while, but i have some new Info about:

Bugged heroic deeds in the WZ
For everyone: Caligari Pilgrimage
Assassin: peacekeeper, seal the gates
Psycher: bane of the warp spawn

So i just have this one extra for you: Caligari Pilgrimage. 

The problem here is as follows: i have only found two pois that are related to the ecclesiarchy. One Planet in the Dagnor System and the missions played at this POI do count towards the heroic deed. But the WZ POI actually is related to the ecclesiarchy, too. And missions played in the Warzone actually do not count towards the heroic deed Caligari Pilgrimage. I just guess here, but i dare to say this is not intended aswell. 

But i do not only want to say this is bad and that is wrong and stuff. 

I have some good news for you. 

Our members told me they noticed some really freakin' good changes lately. 

First of all the lags seem the get better every day. Thanks!!! 

The cabal screens and the appearance screens are fast as lightning, thats the best thing to me personally. 

Our assasins told me the lags when using evasive rolls are nearly gone now. So they can finally start making some progress in the wz. 

Our crusaders told me a very similar thing about their 'charge attacks' which used to make them float around for several seconds after each and every attack. (thunderhammer and two haded axe charge attacks) 

So thank you for your time reading all of this, and again a bjd thank you to you community managers and also the devs. 

We noticed the (i guess server - sided changes) and they are GREAT! 

The Emperor protects! 

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5 years 281 days ago
Hello again @marcopolocs.

I have had a very busy day, but i managed to get at least some useful Information. 

But let me say this first: the problems i am talking about are problems of the Ps4 Version of this wonderful game. I do not know the PC or the xbox versions. 

So here is what our members have told me. 

For the assassin there were two heroic deeds mentioned :

'Peacekeeper' and 'seal the gates'.

For the psycher i only ever had problems myself with 'bane of the warp spawn'.

Our crusaders did not mention any deeds, that seem to be stuck or do not work. But there may be more an i just do not know of anything yet. 

Thanks a lot for your time. 

The Emperor protects! 

5 years 282 days ago
I will pay attention to this thread!:)
5 years 282 days ago
Thank you again for the really quick answer.

I will do that for sure, but please give me some time to collect the needed data. 

I started a cabal community thread in our cabal community and asked everyone to send me the exact names of heroic deeds that actually do not work as expected in the warzone. 

It will probably take some days to get enough data for you. After that is done, I will look up the engilsh names and post them here in this thread for you to check. 

I'll report back as soon as i have the needed info. 

The Emperor protects! 


5 years 282 days ago
If you could mention those Heroic Deeds which players should be able to complete in Warzone as well then please share their names and we will check on them!

You refer to the Seal the Gates Heroic deed? This has been changed in the latest patch, Warzone gates count as well already!:)

5 years 283 days ago
Thank you for the quick answer. 

To me it really seems that nearly none of the heroic deeds actually work while playing in the warzone. With the one exception of the 'kill 5 bosses' heroic deed. I could finish this one, with Nemesis Bosskills. 

I have a couple of cabal members who told me, that it is the same for 'kill 10000 rebels' or 'destroy 100 warp gates' for the assassin, or really any equivalent heroic deeds for crusaders. 

I this intended behavoir, or will we be able to complete the heroic deeds in the warzone at some point of time later down the road ? 

The Emperor protects!

5 years 283 days ago

Thank you for reporting the case. It seems the elites in Warzone do not count for this Heroic deed. We will check on the matter.
Until then a workaround would be if you could lower your PR by changing one of your armor and then engage in battle in general missions! Hope it will help!