Various Bugs


This mod should not roll on that armor cause you cant summon anything from it.

Some Perk Progress does not count.

Hyper Flux Parasite0/25k. I have summoned constructs no progress.

Unmarred Corpus. I had many missions where my inquisitor doesn got hit in melee. Does this perk includes my constructs to not take melee damage too?

Cognis Protocol. I had at least 2 missions where i only summoned turrets. Yet no progress

Grand Flux Parasite. Summoning constructs seems to be exluded here to? I only made progress here when i used my electroid shielding

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Various Bugs
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266 days ago
so in our backend system it seems like you have already completed it? Is that the case, does it show completion on your end as well? :)
269 days ago

Unmarred Corpus seems to be unobtainable in some cases after 4 years have passed. I've tried the first mission without getting hit in melee myself and without even summoning my constructs, but the deed doesn't progress. And I somehow managed to get Champion of Mars (kill 100 daemon elites) in the prologue... I was going to 100% Martyr, but it seems I've just wasted my time :(

4 years 345 days ago
Thanks for the reports! The Grand Flux Parasite already got fixed internally, the rest will get handled as well!