Van Helsing Final Cut Xbox/PS/PC


You guys released the worst game in the franchise for ps4, VH 3(true popular opinion), why not port Van Helsing Final Cut to PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series, as well as fix minor issues with the PC version.

I don't imagine that a port is super expensive, you are losing money mainly on consoles that don't have as many arpgs as on pc that the dispute is bigger.

The new generation of consoles still lacks game titles, take the opportunity to bring this franchise to the fore, you have a franchise that can yield a lot of money, don't let it die.

And a suggestion to create a tool for you to be able to see the passive tree of classes, like path of exile on your website, would help to imagine builds, it's very low content on the internet of builds for the game, makes it easier, that way or from another. And this isn't just for the final version of van Helsing, the warhammer series would benefit from that as well.

The game's reddit is dead, it doesn't have a game banner, it even looks like a fake reddit, it doesn't look like a serious company's reddit, no one on the team answers.

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Van Helsing Final Cut Xbox/PS/PC
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3 years 32 days ago
I agree that the standalone of VH3 is complete garbage compared to the first 2 and FINAL CUT should be ported to consoles as well, especially the next gen consoles.  Dev's at this company never communicate to their fanbase, like, ever...on here or on discord or any other type of social media.   They can put out great and fun games, but it's like they just don't give a damn about connecting with the community after you give them their money.  Which is why I think it's extremely weird they did a Kickstarter for their next game....are they going under and leaking money or are they just THAT greedy to take money from peeps they probably didn't have to take just to promise a new game?  

Wish they woulda went the route with VH that they did with the WARHAMMER series and constantly updated and changed and added stuff for peeps to do almost MMO style.  Instead they just left it and never looked back.  Now this isn't to say that's it's still not fun as hell to play.  I still love rerolling chars and playing through the game over and over on the PC, but would love to do it on consoles if they ever release VH: FC for it.  If not, oh well, they lose the chance to take more of my money and I'll move on to future games like D4 and beyond.

Really wish Dev's at this company cared to be more communicative with their fan base.