van helsing final cut login issue


hi, i just got the game a few days ago and decided to try it today. i made a neocore account and made a profile and everything, but when i put my login credentials in the game, it gets stuck on the "logging in..." screen. any ideas on how to fix this?

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van helsing final cut login issue
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146 days ago

Hello there,

Van Helsing doesn't support online play anymore, since the game server provider shut down their services. You can however play offline (and you would be able to download and play with your characters that you have created in the past, but that doesn't apply to you I suppose.) In any case, you don't necessarily need a Neocore account or server connection to play Van Helsing. Just choose the option to play offline, and you're good to go :)
Hope this helps, and that you have a great day!