Martyr PS4 account re-link


Recently had issues. My email was compromised and I got locked out of it. Fed up with that provider so I switched to a different provider. I already modified my Neocore account to switch to the new e-mail address. However when I logged into Inquisitor Martyr PS4 it was still showing the old e-mail address as being linked. I unlinked it. Now there is no option to re-link to the new e-mail address. I can still login, and can still play but my Neocore account is no longer linked to my Playstation 4. How do I fix this?

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Martyr PS4 account re-link
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246 days ago
Hey there, what exactly do you mean by that? A new Neocore account? A new account in-game, meaning that you would want to start over the game from zero? 
247 days ago
how do i make a new account

2 years 165 days ago
Sorry I had life issues, long term hospitalization. So I wasn't able to follow your instruction. I'll do it today.
3 years 29 days ago
Please message us directly - [email protected] - and share your old and your new email addresses as well as your PSN. We will link the new email address to your ingame account then.