Uther Tarot seasonal missions are impossible to complete (inquisitor martyr xbox)


Every time I add tarots to a seasonal boss mission they crash. You start a fight with a villain boss and kill it but just as all the lovely loot is sitting there it freezes. So is it seasonal missions I should ignore or just the entire tarot system? 

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40 days ago

Hi! I've asked our console team to take a look at this issue, whether there is something universally broken with this setup, or something specific to your account. I'll update you with any news I get back

44 days ago
Interestingly it has been the same for me and my cabal members since the latest hotfix V2.9.2 on the PC the game constantly and consistently hard crashes in multiplayer 2-4 (Void Shard runs, Intel mission, Warzone, Special missions). The only person that it does not crash on is the party leader.