Unholy Cathedral locked


I have only the base game but I don't see this being a perk location for a DLC or the Prophecy. You can see there I am above 40 so I should be able to play this, what might be the issue? Also, I have the same issue with some other locations like just in this sector the Mining station 121 and the Tempestus Citadel.

PS.: In the General Tutorial, it says the Cathedral is in the Chernobog System. 

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Unholy Cathedral locked
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63 days ago
Don't you have to progress a bit further through the main campaign to unlock the unholy cathedral?

I am pretty sure you need to visit the location in the campaign first before you can play the repeatable mission there.

63 days ago
I borrowed your character but there was no relation as I found (I used your seasonal Psyker). Did you check on the Cathedral with your non-seasonal char as well? Same problem?
68 days ago

That did not work for me, unfortunately. Is it possible that the problem is caused by Steam?

72 days ago
Even the text is broken on this panel. Please verify the game files first. There should be a warning message if you don't meet the requirements of the Cathedral but that is missing as well. I hope the verifying fixes the files.