Magus Biologis first mission crash after the end



At the end of the first search mission for the Magus Biologis, in the communications station, the game freezes after pressing the end button and after a while it returns to the Command Bridge screen with the mission completed but LOSING EVERYONE REWARDS EARNED DURING THE MISSION (CREDITS, WEAPONS, ARMOR AND EQUIPMENT), ALL LOST AS IF YOU HAD NOT PLAYED THE MISSION. But I can't play it again either because the game marks it as successful and I've wasted a lot of time destroying containers and objects to get every last credit because I'm just starting out and I have very few resources. I'm pretty annoyed at the waste of time for nothing. Can you solve the problem by analyzing my profile (Tindomion) or my character (Aeneas Crisagon)?


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Magus Biologis first mission crash after the end
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63 days ago
The issue you ran into should not appear again. This was an existing issue for days around the weekend but we fixed it. Please let me know if you cannot continue the campaign.