Touch of the Omnissiah & Feedback After 300Hrs+ Playing the game


Hi There and sorry for the bad english.

We have the discussion of touch of the omnissiah and i have some ideas after 300 hours and more playing the game.

and some screenshots so i have make an owne thread :D because my english is not the best and maybee with the screenshots you better understand what i mean.

at first the foundry:

I have the idea that the fusion of relics can a bit more.. to incrase the item lvl too. the reason why?

after the item cap incrase i search on max lvl exact for the same main weapon i actually have. with the same dammage same stats and all.. and that is the point i think to me? "why not have a chance to incrase the item lvl with fusion? maybe gives one relic fuse one item lvl. so i must work for the item incrase. for 10 LVL i need 10 relics. like maybe that one:

Another idea is to craft the owne relic . maybe with an 1 time only blue print where we can choose what kinnd of the relic owne enchartment that will have too:

another thing what is a littel complicate is the modifying of the items. i see not what is the maximum value of an enchantment and what kind of enchantment can have the item.. that have another public action rpg (that is not soo good as martyr but it was okay before martyr came online) and i think it will be good on martyr too.. on the right sight of the modify screen we have mutch space for that:

-another point that will be good: in van helsing we have the choice to put another skin to the weapons and armore.

that was allwasy an good option for me. because the fashion is important!! (trust me i play fashionframe for a long time.... i mean warframe)

- more different tile sets.

       at the moment we have the same tile set for an bunker as for an voidtsation/space ship.

i missing the feeling to be on an station. in the campain we have one mission where we attacke the bridge of an ship to take the commander down (i mean it was an black legion commander) but the bridge is an room that is an quarter with one ore 2 cognitators.. no windows or stuff that i see on an spaceship like the bridge of oure main char.

 in the first mission with an new char we have the hangar deck. and this is unik and only in the campain, but that is an feeling for an spaceship.

to see an engine room, or an torpedo bay. stuff like that.

- missions on the star map where we can play the knight or the bainblade.

actualy they are only in the campain missions.

-the option to capture vehicels that have low suppression. (the omnissiah will be pleased)

-rebalancing the suppresion damage. i have that with the crusader and the psyker... with higher rank i make mutch moore damage as suppresion damage.. and the enemy will be dead before the suppresion going to yellow/red. the last i tried was on the crusader with the heavy bolter. i use EVERY SKILL THAT GIVE EXTRA SUPPRESION DAMAGE. realy every skill i can take. make my gear with extra suppresion damage (on weapons and signuns) and in 90% of all enemys i have the problem that they are long way dead before the suppresion damage is downe and usefull.

it is the same on low lvl enemys or on missions with 400PR over mi owne. i make more damage than suppresion damage.. the only thing were it works OKAY is with the tarrot card that gives the enemy double lifepoints and damage.

but the suppression damage on myself goes down in notime :D i aktualy use the perk that give me infinitive suppresion to handle that.

at time i will make to that an owne thread.. but this will take time ad many screenshots^^

-most importand for me: RETINUE!

  i Love the idea of an retinue that come with me on missions! because iam not an "meta" player i played most of time alone.. i dont like to rush the missions. and for that is an companion an absolute grate option. most i play ranged based chars and than its good to have an closecombat tank.

i love the missions with klosterheim and caius thorne on my side. they ruun infront of the enemys and my heavy bolter give them from the flank the hell! love that shit :D

in van helsing we have lady katharina and in martyr that will be good too :) i mean in the campain we have other inquisitors that we fight.. and that will have 2 assins on his side.. i will do that too :D

there you can put all the other chars from the imperium in what is not an inquisitor. like an grey knight, spacemarine, techpriest or what ever.

i have vor long make a thread to that: Retinue :D

- MORE WEAPONS :D Where is my stormcannon? and my powerclaws? :D

+Forcing deebugging. 

an grate powerfull offensive against that buggs before making new stuff^^ to have an solide good function base of the game .

feel free to add ideas.. but better here:

i make that thread because i have that screenshots

Edit: i have seen i can make a poste with screenshots in the main touch of the omissiah thread... so nevermind about that here and look there :D

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Touch of the Omnissiah & Feedback After 300Hrs+ Playing the game
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