Cabal member bug


Hi there and first: Sorry for bad anglish :D

I have an bug on the member count of my cabal. every time i looged in i see members that leav the cabal like here:

i must klick one member one time in the window and than i going on Applications.. waiting there an second and than i going back on members and i see it correktly like here:

Its every time i start the game.

Thanks your Bollt Thrower!


i have found the reason why see the wrong members:

it seems so that i have them on my friend list. after removing from the friend list too they gone complete from the cabal member list.

here we see the buggy number (actually i have 29 members) and the member that nothing more in the cabal:

and i see that he is in my friend list. see here:

we removing him from the friend list:

and we become thethe red text massage that i recieved him from friend list... and another message what is wondering me:

i removed myself from the friend list :D THATS NOT TRUE! I LIKE ME!:

And after an complet restart of the game i have the right membernumber of my clan: 29

 maybe that "unfriending myself" makes that bug??^^

Thanks your Bolt Thrower

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Cabal member bug
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5 years 204 days ago
ahh thats okay.. that is advertising!

on the other screenshots is the member info.. that i have cutt off

5 years 204 days ago
@VAN BOLT THROWER‍ cabal info leaked on the last screenshot :P
5 years 204 days ago
i have updatet my thread. i think i have found the bug.
5 years 213 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower
Thanks for the screenshots, our developers will check on the matter! 
5 years 214 days ago
everytime i start the game, yes.

when i change the char there is no problem. only after a new starting of the game.

5 years 214 days ago
Even after you restart the game the error is there?