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On Steam I've been encountering this error for weeks, when starting the game after the initial intro movie it stays on the title screen with the above message and the only option is to quit.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times as well as clearing the registry and verifying cache

The version given in the bottom right corner is 2.6.0

Has anyone been able to fix this, or is there a way to do a manual update?

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316 days ago
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317 days ago
Thank you, that led me to the solution. It was still set to use the publc beta, it now works fine
318 days ago

The current version is 2.6.2 on PC.

I looked around and found a helpful article which addresses the manual way of updating a game in Steam. Please check on the details of this article here:

321 days ago
I have, I power off my PC each day. I have tried checking for updates for steam too. It actually was working after the backend changes but then it stopped as it was missing an update. Is it possible to manually update to the correct version? 
321 days ago
Did you restart Steam? I'm asking because I sometimes let my PC run for weeks and such errors can be fixed through a Steam client restart.