I tried controllers for the first time this patch. Now that I've been using them for a couple of days here's what I think. 

  • Grenades need to not throw until the button is released.  Aiming is much slower than with a mouse and I often don't have time to aim before the grenade throws by itself. 
  • Enemies and objects frequently don't highlight until they're way inside my range.
  • Sensitivity of turret aiming is way too high. As in by at least an order of magnitude. If I barely move the joystick the crosshair goes most of the way across the screen. Camera control with the same joystick is fine.
  • The effect showing which mission is selected is too subtle.
  • Too much auto aim. I feel like the game is playing itself for me. I can literally just hold B and my character kills everything.
  • How come my character can path around things with a mouse, but with a controller I constantly get stuck on things?
  • Fighting from cover is much more clunky and hard to get the game to do what you want it to compared to mouse and keyboard. 
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6 years 154 days ago

Oh I agree whit all your points.

For me the  biggest gripe is the aiming. It's really hard to attack/fire at specific target not to mention that the game sometimes targets world objects rather then enemies.

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