The game won't load


The game won't load. The account was created 10 days ago, everything worked well. Today game (Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr) is stuck on a "Invalid email or invalid password" screen. 

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The game won't load
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271 days ago
hey, has your issue been resolved as well? If you're on PC, a login isn't necessary to be able to play, but I can help you connect your Neocore account to the game if you wish to do so.
273 days ago

Everything worked, thank you.

273 days ago
I have the same. Bought the game during the sale and finally have time to play it after downloading it. But it just gives met the incorrect e-mail or password. I have never even given the game an email and/or password and there is no place to fill them in. My only options are reconnect and quit. Im really confused