Suppression damage balancing for psyker?


Hi There and sorry for the bad english :D

I play a while the Psyker and i like the idea from Constrikt to make massive damage on the red suppression bar. but there is one problem.  i make so mutch damage that the enemy is for long dead before i can use the spell. i use every skill to make more suppresion damage. and i have most the problem that the enemy are dead before i can use it.. i have make this pictuere and i use ONLY the Pyro Blast from the Pyrokinetik Staff that have high suppresion damage:

The bad thing on the psyker is that i have found only the staff with extra suppresion damage and the Malestrom spell that is the only spell that makes high Suppresion damage with that it wortks fine but i must go near to the enemy.

i Tried to use the dismantel rune on other spells but i have everytime the sameporblem that the enemy dies before the suppresion is red. maybe the calkulation of the suppresion damage is not working like the normal damage? on late game i make more and more normal damage but not or less more supresion damge and than that nice spell constrict is useless? can that maybe confirm an max LVL psyker?

Thanks a lot. Your Bolt Thrower

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Suppression damage balancing for psyker?
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5 years 214 days ago
Naturally if you encounter higher level enemies which cannot be killed that easily, their suppression will decrease faster than their health due you cannot kill them quickly. In case you have a higher PR than the enemy you can kill them without lowering their suppression first. This was designed this way!