Buggy Inferno & Death Augury Spell (Psyker)


Hi there, i play actually the Psyker and i like the inferno spell, but there are Multipel bugs on it:


1: when i go in cover the Inferno Stay on the point and move no longer!

2: It makes no Critical hits!

2.5: The Rune Exploit Weeknes (crit chance +10%) dont works. it makes no Critical hits.

3: The rune "health stimulus" & "Suppression Stimulus" (life and supression drain per hit) dont Works.

4: The Rune "dismantel" Have no effekt on inferno. (because its make no suppression damage?)

5: Grafik Bug show here:

Death Augury:

The Rune Knit Flesh (10HP per second) Dont Works.

Thanks, your Bolt Thrower

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Buggy Inferno & Death Augury Spell (Psyker)
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5 years 214 days ago
We will check on these, thanks for addressing the problems.