Story missions problem



Don't remember the name of the quest, but i was looking for three locations to explore, and now after two locations done, there's nothing more.

It was a lvl 55 mission in Aéthon system.

Got no more story missions available since, dunno what to do.

PSN ID : Plutoniol O

Character name : myst walker psyker lvl 60

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Story missions problem
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1 year 196 days ago
Oh ok...

Haven't seen "big ending video" or something like that.

Thx for the answer, i can start the Prophecy DLC then

1 year 197 days ago

Our devs said that your character 'Myst Walker' already finished the story campaign so it is normal that you no longer have any more pending story mission.

1 year 198 days ago
Ok thanks, i'll wait then
1 year 199 days ago

I cannot fix it right now so I forwarded the problem to the developer team. Their assistance is needed in this issue. I would like to ask your patience until they look into the issue.