Deselecting tarot cards.


So i was showing to my friend in stream about uther tarot system and high reward / risk and then it all crashed down to noticing that you can now deselect tarot now !?
Possibility to do so now takes away the whole risk and reward thrill it was before when they would lock in place when carefully choosing your card.
Please return the old system. i tried to google this why is it possible now but i simply found nobody else talking about it.
Or is it that people havent even noticed yet? is this seasonal thing?
Anyway i dont like this, im angy.
My thrill is killed.
someone please explain.

Edit; actually nevermind... i changed my mind. now how i close/delete this post?

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Deselecting tarot cards.
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1 year 173 days ago
Brother Kundari
Yeah i guess i just have to make rule to myself to not deselct them, since i like the risk.
1 year 332 days ago
Uummm, ok. You have not noticed until now these days, you say.

I did not realise you could do until sometime last year. So, I guess I could say... Welcome to the party. Even though you late.