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I am on my 4th high level Character now, and the available space in the Stasis Casket is too low. This game is an ARPG, this means it is very dependent on collecting a lot of loot to optimize and try new builds. But its nearly impossible with the little Inventory we got. I often find myself scraping loot i might later still need , only to get more space in my inventory, my Stasis Casket 3 Tabs are full and each of my characters Inventory is getting more and more full with Relics ect.. I really love this game and wanna try new and weird builds in endgame and also keep some low level Relics to level up new Characters but i really cant do it right now, I already started to create Bank Characters to Store items. 

I hope we can get at least 3 times bigger Stasis Casket with 9 tabs instead of 3. Character Tabs should also be increased to 4 at least.

And it would be more awesome if we had an Shared Stasis Casket with 9 Tabs and an privat Stasis Casket with 9 Tabs for each Character, so we got 18 tabs in total. Similar as the Storage system of Grim Dawn for example. And make the Tabs automatically unlocked or let us purchase them with Credits.

At the moment i feel so bad to run Void Crusades, i love to do them, but i dont have space for the loot. It feels so terrible.

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Stasis Casket/Inventory
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2 years 187 days ago

We are having talks about expanding the capacity of the storage and it seems this will be realized sometime later. Not yet certain though, please don't take this for granted!