Different attribute numbers between Crusader backgrounds?


Hi there!

I found that the sums of attribute points are not equal between different Crusader builds. Please see the pictures attached below.

Assualt and Tactical backgrounds get 43 attribute points after Lv 100. While Heavy Gunner gets 44.

(My Tactical and Heavy Gunner haven't reach  Lv 100. They should get 1 more point after they reach Lv 100)

I have verified that all the 3 crusaders have already got additional attribute points at the old lady in "Merciful Agony".

Is this a bug, or intentionally left so? Or I'm simply missing something?

If it is designed to be so, then it would be really helpful to have a detailed table shown when creating characters, or some hint should be put in player guide :)

By the way, Empyreanist psyker is also said to have more attribute points thant Aether Walker psyker. But I cannot verify.


Attached pictures:

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Different attribute numbers between Crusader backgrounds?
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2 years 244 days ago
That's a very nice catch, thank you for the details! The same problem appeared somewhere else too, it seems seasonal achievements (or more likely their lack of achievements) affect the non-seasonal characters' already unlocked stuff. We will handle this asap!

Thank you again!

2 years 246 days ago
Thanks Marcopolocs!

I think I have found the possible reason: sometimes  the game uses Hero Deed data from Seasonal Characters to calulate Attribute Points for Non-Seasonal characters .

Which means, even Non-Seasonal characters have finished the hero deeds on their side, they cannot get the attribute points because the game is not using their data at all.

Last day my seasonal character (the Tactical One) has one  hero deed left unfinished: execute 50 enemies, which would grant 1 Warfare upon completion.

After I finished this Hero Deed,  the lost  1 Warfare point of Non-seasonal characters came back.

Since this could be reversed on the player side, I think this problem is not as great as it looks at the start :)

2 years 246 days ago
We will check what is going on with this and will correct the number of attribute points of the Assault Crusader.
2 years 247 days ago

New update:

Other players showed me their Assault Crusaders, and the attribute point sum is 44.

Seems that there's some bug that can swallow attribute points......

2 years 247 days ago

In the pictures above, the Tactical Crusader is a Seasonal Character, and has one Hero Deed unfinished (which offers 1 Warfare)

So the Tactical and Heavy Gunner have 44 points.

But  the Assault Crusader is still 1 point less.