Hello, this Kall and greetings to our devs, and to all inquisitors i have met in the arena or not.
I would like  to suggest everyone start doing more PvP in order to find faster the balance between the classes. I know that there are exploits but don't be frustrated by it, this is not the purpose of the practice map. We need to pvp more so we have feedback for our devs, now that the battlezone is coming.

Also one thing for our respectable devs.
The waiting time after someone leaves the pvp map for the one who is left behind is unessential and big time consuming for no reason. Please do something about it, it's not a big thing to fix but to us who participate in pvp make us want to play more, because the 10 min waiting time makes us not to. We enter a match we make 1-2 duels and then the other guy leaves forced to wait till the match finish. Make it an instant win or an 1 min wait time or something.
That will help us and help you because we try builds, mechanics and we feed you back the information.

Thank you in advance

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327 days ago
Hey there,

what exactly is it you are having trouble with? Long wait time in PvP?

330 days ago

What should I do if I have many concerns similar to yours that have not been addressed?

6 years 18 days ago

Personally, i stopped playing pvp when after about 2 weeks I could not find decent opponents to play. Only you Kall was a bigger challenge but you know what the end result was. However, 1 player with whom you can play the whole game is not enough. I got tired of winning with weaker players just to be 1st in the ranking. The player matching system is nonsense and i do not believe that it will change quickly.

To motivate better players, you should add some rewards for the place in the ranking. Without this, i do not see the point of playing pvp in its current form.

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