Charachter restoration request


I've accidentally deleted my seasonal charachter.  I've tried to revive from graveyard but the wrong charachter was given.

I was streaming off steam link so had a small screen, hadn't noticed the selector shifted and the wrong charachter was removed. Admittedly a bit distracted with the kids..

I got a good rank with the character this season, so was hoping to get it restored if possible. Apologies for being an idiot.

Account redacted 

Thanks & best wishes 

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Charachter restoration request
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331 days ago
Sorry to hear, and I do apologize for your trouble. I would've loved to help you if the issue was salvageable at all, I do understand your frustration though. Have a great day!
333 days ago

In which case I'm done with the game.

There isn't enough end game content to be worth repeating that grind again to rebuild said charachter.

If given enough bank space I wouldn't have to mess around having multiple bank ALTs to store gear anyway. 

I'll also amend the review I've left now I've concluded the game I think I can sum the experience up better. 

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333 days ago
Hi, I was able to locate your account, but there's no trace of said character in our systems either. I'm afraid this character won't be salvageable, I'm very sorry.
334 days ago

This should work:

[email protected]


SpeedyLegs, 100 assassin

Not sure why but I ended up with two accounts when I first started playing. Tried to use the in game 'create account' function, it flaked out, had to make one on the neocore site but my name was taken. (By me presumably). So you may find a dead account associated to that email, and an active one.

Thanks for your time 

334 days ago
Hi there,

I can't locate your account at all in our systems. Neither account name nor character name seems to work. Could you please double check if you gave me the correct names? Alternatively, if you have a Neocore account registered, you could provide me with your email address associated with that account. That might also work out. Cheers!