PvE balance


I know you have a lot of things that need fixing in this game (like re-balancing the whole game to make more builds viable), but at the top of my list is the fact that Medusae and Pain engines have too many HP. I don't play Drukari missions because Medusae have too many HP in regard to the balance of the rest of the game. Pain engines have too many HP too (same with sentinels and tanks) but they are only a few per level, so I can deal.

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PvE balance
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4 years 221 days ago

Maybe it's HP, maybe something else - in any case, this is the first incarnation of DE and things like that just... need to happen, and be corrected, then something else is too strong or weak or both (yup! 'glass canon that is sometimes en masse on map' - kinda looks stupid, but the exact thing happened a number of times in many other games).

Anyhow, it's good to report that stuff and would be even better if you give some more specification - like class, ranged/melee perhaps something else... I'm 3/4 melee, and both Crusader (pure melee) and Assassin (pure melee and melee+ranged) find those... hmmm, perhaps more difficult than the rest, kinda bother, but manageable. But, hard - yes, even with 'artificial kiting assassin'. 

People with same problem (or WITHOUT it, but with some way how they overcame those) should post their stories...