Xbox One North America Version


Any updates on the North American version of Inquisitor Martyr? I'm really looking forward to it but I can't find any information on the potential release date. Help please? 

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Xbox One North America Version
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4 years 170 days ago

What about the content of the imperial edition, as it states: Season pass (free DLC the first year)?

Will it be counted as the initail release on PC (June), or (scaling down) the xbox release (Late August~September) meaning you pay for 3 months of delay and only a total of 9 months free DLC?

4 years 170 days ago

We can confirm that Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr will be available in North America and Latin America on August 23rd for Digital platforms and at physical retail stores on August 28th!

4 years 171 days ago

We cross fingers 

4 years 172 days ago

What concerns me is the question if there is a full scale local coop, because in some vids I've seen the local coop part is just as a supportive unit with one of nine preset characters. In a game where skills are also dependant on your equipment (and you can spend skill points to suit your playstyle) it is an utter abomination to take a second players ability to choose and to equip whatever he/she likes and to tell nobody about it, up to three days before release.

I hope this gets Day-one patched.

4 years 179 days ago
August 24th was the last update.