Psyker - Psychic Debuffs



anybody able to enlighten me about the ordering of the Psyker Psychic Debuff Skills.

First you have to take Phase Through (if you re going from the top at least), which adds Amour Piercing to the spell, so it completly ignores armor.

As second skill point you have to invest in Matter Displacement, which adds Armour Breaking, so spells ignore 50% of the targets armour.

Shouldnt this be the other way around? Is this just a description error? Anybody did some tests with these skills?

Thanks in advance for your clarifications

Cheers Maenshae

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Psyker - Psychic Debuffs
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4 years 297 days ago
Ah well,

did only use it on Molten Beam, and the +2 initial heat arent as bad as 50% less armour penetration.

Thanks for the clarification tho!

4 years 297 days ago
Armor Breaking is cheaper to add to a spell than Armor Piercing. Perhaps that's why they sorted the skills that way. It's definitively no description error. I tested them both last week.