Game refunded on xbox one with no explanation?


I pre-ordered the game a few weeks ago. the game downloaded and installed fine. on launch day, I launched the game. got to the logon screen, but it said something was wrong with the Neocore server and wouldn't let me log in. after about 20 mins of trying, I gave up and figured I would try again tonight. however a few hours ago, I got an email from Microsoft saying the full cost of my pre-order had been refunded to my account "as per my request" (even though I had requested no such thing). now, when I go to launch the game, it says I need to buy it first, and directs me to the store page, which tells me I already have the game installed. 

I tried uninstalling the game, then going back to the store. Now it appears that the game has been removed from the store entirely (no sign of it anywhere). I can't find an explanation from eithe Microsoft nor neocore as to why this happened. so what is going on?!

Store Page
Game refunded on xbox one with no explanation?
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4 years 246 days ago

Here is the latest news about the Xbox One pre-order: W40k Inquisitor - Martyr - Xbox One Pre-Order Update

4 years 246 days ago

Well fingers crossed it wont

4 years 246 days ago
If your sever crashes on Day 1 too and everything gets reset, then it's fair if you get the same pet as an apology.
4 years 246 days ago

Yep July 5th is the current console release date.

I wonder if we get the in game cherub as well they have given it to PC players because of the issues they had yesterday.

Seems fair to me that we get it as well 

Hey ho

4 years 247 days ago
The console versions of the game were pushed back to July 5, hoping Neocore will give us console users some kind of small compensation for the delay. Not sure why Microsoft would randomly say your pre-order was canceled though, since I haven't received an email from them.