Psalm code not working


Hi there and sorry for the bad englisch!

i have found an bug for the psalm doctrine that gives for flashbane atacks an bleeding proc.

it dosent give that debuff.

Here the armor where i have the psalm doctrine aktive:

and here an assault gun with the flashbane skill:

but no bleeding on the enmy:

same on the heavy bolter with spin up salvo.

here the gun:

and no effekt on enemy:

iam not shure about the channeled attacks. with that is the problem that skills that have the effekt on ATTACK (not on hit that works very well) the debuffs comes at the ending of the channeling.. what is very unlucky mechanik for the channeling abilitys.

i have for that problem for longer open an thread: but sadly you never say an awnser to that "bug" or mechanik from the channeling skills.

here the old thread:

Channeling bug

thanks, youre bolt thrower

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Psalm code not working
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5 years 8 days ago
is an eta for the next patch?

i have found the next psalm code that not work :/

that every critikal hit stun the enemy

5 years 9 days ago

Various psalm code enchants will get fixed with the upcoming patch!