Psalm code doctrine warp armor braking dont work


Hi there and sorry for the bad english!

I have found an big for the psalm code doctrine that warp damage makes armor braking. it dosent working.

i test it on an mission with tarot cards that give enemys heavy armor. on that mission type normal attacks make no damage on enemys that have normaly an armor and know + that heavy armor. for that enemys you need armor braking or armor piercing damage to deal with them!

okay.. here my investigations:

here my perk that give me the skill do deal only warp damage on hit taking:

and my doctrine that all warp damage are armor braking:

here my skill with the heavy bolter that DONT have an armor braking/piercing ability (spin up salvo):

and attacking an chaos marine with spin up salvo and an aktive passive that give me warp damage, but no armor braking from the coctrine and the enemy taking no damage, inly taking suppresion damage:

same enemy and taking the"concentratet salve" skill that have armor braking and the enemy is taking damage:

after that i dont have test it that i remove my gear. maybe after this it works. dont test it and not shure about that.

that other bug is here: Rerrolled Bug

Thanks youre Bolt Thrower!

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Psalm code doctrine warp armor braking dont work
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5 years 2 days ago

test it again for 10 minutes. in warzone battel 93 i have the same bug. my armor braking attack dont brake the armor (test it on the boss in the stage. and on turrets). after removing the item. it seems to have no effekt.

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