[PS4/XboxOne] Touch of the Omnissiah - Patch note


Patch 2.0 - Touch of the Omnissiah - is here! A full overview of the new features and changes can be found here - be sure to check it out to see every change in detail.

Below you can find a brief summary of all the new changes (once again, it is recommended to check the compendium for the details):

New Features

Co-Op Campaign

  • The whole Martyr campaign is now playable in local and online Co-Op too (except for the vehicular missions)
  • Players must be at the same or higher progression level to start Campaign missions
  • In-game cutscenes in the campaign were significantly improved (regarding scripting and camera angles) 


  • Combat flow has been drastically improved
  • All character animations have been sped up
  • Primary Skills' Global Cooldowns have been reduced
  • Movement speed of all classes has been adjusted
  • All skill effects have been adjusted to match the faster animation speeds
  • Aiming with the grenade has been improved and the grenade throw arc is fixed
  • Removed the 4 second grenade throw time limit 

Leveling & Itemization

  • Leveling has been revamped and the maximum character level cap has been raised to 100
  • Every level has its own unique Rosette picture that appears next to your avatar
  • An XP bar was added to the Battle UI
  • The Inventory is now available during missions
  • Power Rating has been removed, Items now have Item Level
  • Three new relic item tiers have been introduced: Morality Relics, Archeotech Relics, and Ancient Relics. These can be sold for Fate
  • More than 200 Relic enchants have been added
  • Socketed items are available
  • New socketable items: Shards & Psalm-Codes are now available along with their respective crafting systems and upgrade tables 


  • The Tech Tree has been reset and all upgrade costs are refunded to players
  • All crafting times have been removed so items are now instantly created upon crafting them
  • The blueprint system has been altered. Old blueprints have been removed, and numerous new ones have been added
  • Crafting creates items based on the player's level
  • Relic items can now be crafted as well
  • Fusion has been replaced by Forging - it includes Socket fusioning, Shard Crafting and Code Crafting
  • Modify has been vastly expanded with new features - you can now reroll enchants on items, reroll the values of the enchants, or enhance the item's item level 

Tarot system

  • Tarot Cards can be earned through leveling up or through the loot system
  • Tarot Mission generation from the old place has been removed
  • Every Open World mission can be applied a Tarot Card
  • The Fate cost of Tarot missions has been removed
  • Tarot cards can now be leveled up to level 5 for increased effect 

Empyrean Seals

  • Empyrean Seals are a new addition to the Tarot system. Players can find Empyrean Seals through the general loot system
  • These Seals can be applied onto the Minor Arcana Tarot slots, and are consumed upon usage. Empyrean Seals cannot be levelled 

Void Crusade

  • The Void Crusade is now available from level 50 as new mini-campaigns with 7 new game modes, new scripts, new mechanics and valuable end-game rewards 
  • Players may start a Void Crusade from the Command Bridge by using the Void Crusade desk. It requires various Void shards that you can find through the loot system
  • The Void Crusade is single-player only 

Mission Deployment 

  • Mission Deployment is now available to quickly navigate between missions without having to travel on the Starmap 


  • Players will receive a new Challenge every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Players can have 5 active Challenges up at once
  • If a Player does not have a free Challenge slot, they will not receive a new Challenge
  • Players can reroll a Challenge per day to a new one
  • Challenges are displayed on the right side panel of the HUB, and in the Data Terminal
  • Completing a challenge gifts players with powerful loot with a chance to receive Archeotech Relics. If a player does not receive an Archeotech Relic from a Challenge, the chance to receive one increases greatly with the next Challenge. Therefore, Challenges will be a reliable source of Archeotech Relics
  • Challenges also give players a high amount of experience, similar to Tarot missions 


  • The Warzone has been reworked to become a reliable build check that scales to the player's level. Variety has been also greatly increased
  • A total of 110 Warzone maps are implemented
  • These are grouped into 11 blocks of ten missions with a mini-story that links them together
  • Every mission will have Warzone Hazards, with one Hazard for the first 20 missions, then two for the next 20, and so on
  • The last mission of every Warzone mission group will have an extra difficulty modifier
  • Failing a Warzone mission group will result in having to start that block of 10 missions over
  • The Warzone GUI has been reworked to accommodate these changes
  • Favour and Warzone Relics are no longer obtainable. Players will receive compensation for Favour, while Warzone Relics got converted into Archeotech Relics to retain their usefulness 


  • Intel can be found occasionally from the standard loot system, appearing as items in the player's Inventory
  • Using an Intel opens a brand new mission on the Starmap, which will appear on the Mission Deployment window as well
  • Intel Missions disappear after 48 hours 

Quality of Life Changes

  • Several GUI updates
  • Added a vast number of tutorials across the game interface and updated the Journal entries
  • Improved Controller navigation on the Starmap or on the Skill tree: you can navigate with the left stick in any directions
  • The player now get a notification window, if a new DLC is installed, that contains a special Starmap POI
  • The post-mission loot screen is now skippable via the Game Options menu
  • Added a new tracker that tracks gained rewards after completing missions
  • You can now reset all options to default with a single button
  • The "Sell all" button in Vendors will no longer sell consumable items
  • Several skills', perks' and enchants' description has been corrected or updated
  • Beneficial and detrimental perk effects are now highlighted with green and red colors respectively
  • Clarified and unified many tooltips and descriptions to use the same terminology everywhere
  • Blueprints now have class requirements, charge count, and item icons displayed in their tooltips
  • Cabal names can include spaces now 


  • The Extras panel is completely re-designed
  • You can now select your companions, emotes and other cosmetic items more easily
  • Previews, 3D models and videos are available for the easier customization
  • A new Emote wheel has been added. Now you can select 4 emotes, and use any of them during missions 

Miscellaneous new features

  • 4 new map settings are available: Deathworld, Factory, Desert, and Monastery
  • Visually improved all Mercyful Agony maps
  • Players can now discard items from their inventory (these items will be lost forever)
  • The camera offset can be adjustable from the Options menu
  • The volume sliders now adjust volume in 1% increments - check your volume settings and adjust accordingly
  • The "skip tutorial" feature is available if the player is completed the tutorial missions at least once with the same class

Fixed Bugs

  • Major stability improvements and various other optimizations
  • The game is now capped at 60 frames per second everywhere to prevent huge FPS spikes in menus
  • Several passive skills had their values fixed in order to work properly
  • Fixed bad spawn point locations across several missions
  • Fixed several object clipping and checkpoint errors across several missions
  • Fixed the Area Effect enchants which did not give extra damage to skills with the Area Effect tag
  • Fixed the affixes with extra duration on Vulnerability which did not work
  • Fixed the affixes with extra skill damage on skills having the 'Combo skilltag' which did not work
  • The Thundering Leap skill now works properly in Co-op
  • The Rapid Elimination Protocol perk has been fixed in Co-op
  • The Greataxe's Execute skill has been fixed and works properly in Co-op now
  • Debuffs are now displayed under enemy name plates in order to avoid overlapping with their descriptions
  • Using Teleport beacons will now always face players in the same direction
  • Fixed and clarified the unlock requirements of the Agartha Subsector
  • Fixed the loot mechanics of Unholy Cathedral and Maelstrom of Carnage
  • Fixed several interact issues with Supply chests
  • Fixed a bug where the floating combat text appeared over the opened character screen
  • Fixed an issue with the VIP's AI in Panic Room missions
  • Fixed Glory reward display values and tracking
  • Fixed a bug where players could not interact with the Sentry Trap Chest
  • Fixed several blocks on Purge maps (including the Warzone as well)
  • Removed delay in skill usage after casting Aether Strike
  • Fixed several typos and missing strings 


  • Numerous monster settings had their damage, skills, and HP values adjusted and rebalanced
  • Revisited and adjusted several skills
  • The Bane of the Warpspawn Heroic Deed's requirement has been slightly changed to make it more doable. From now on besides Daemon type Elites, Daemon type Commanders and Bosses count as kills too
  • Using Serpent Strike while in Stealth, the duration of Surprise you got afterward was 3 seconds. This has been doubled
  • Significantly increased the damage of the Heavy Bolter 
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Autogun and the Plasma Cannon
  • Adjusted the cooldown values of the Boltgun
  • Adjusted timers and difficulty of the Palace Under Siege mission
  • Adjusted timers and added more World Skills in"The Data Sanctum" mission in Chapter 3
  • Increased the cooldown of the Voidripper Possessed's AoE attack

Trophies/Achievements changes

  • The Efficient Operative trophy/achievement was changed to "Complete a Priority Assignment on Impossible difficulty or higher"
  • The Emperor's Wrath trophy/achievement was changed to "Complete 10 Investigations on the highest difficulty". (This means campaign missions on "Eye of Terror" difficulty)
  • The Visionary trophy/achievement was changed to "Complete 10 Void Crusade missions"
  •  The Forge Lord trophy/achievement was changed to "Fuse a socket into a Relic item"

XboxOne exclusive

Hero Stats

  • As Power Rating removed from the game, the "Highest Power Rating" stat is archived, and replaced with "Highest Warzone completed"
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[PS4/XboxOne] Touch of the Omnissiah - Patch note
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4 years 166 days ago
I wouldn't get your hopes up :(
4 years 184 days ago
The last patch I had was the release of v2.0...that was months ago....any news?!
4 years 247 days ago

1. Gracias por las notables mejoras en cuanto a jugabilidad y loot.

2. Se agradece que ahora se puede acceder al inventario en las misiones.

3. Tienen un problema de Crash en la mision donde manejas el Tanque.

4. Excelente que agreguen nuevo contenido y tropas, de esa manera mantienen el juego vivo.

5. En general gran trabajo, sigan asi.

4 years 249 days ago

The  Wandering Servo Skulls disappear after 10-15 seconds everytime I see one, it says 30 seconds though.....also the holy armour?  Have played through the whole game and dlc as puritan but still havent maxed out the puritan bar? Am I missing something cause the new armour looks good?

This comment was edited 4 years 249 days ago by pr0perfookt
4 years 257 days ago
Is there a hidden way to disable tutorials? I am tired of EVERY time I play this game having the tutorials replay. There are no indicator in the "Options"

4 years 265 days ago

I've the same problem that PADoPL. Game has huge problem on PS4 Pro to run smoothly in multiplayer coop mode. It freezes all the time and screen tearing is quite bad. Please do something about it beacause game is virtually unplayable in multiplayer at this state. 

4 years 265 days ago

I've just bought Warhammer 40 000 for PS4 with my 3 friends. We all have PS4 Pro consoles but the game runs very, very badly in multiplayer with 4 players. It runs so bad that we can't play it together despite the fact that we REALLY want to. We bought this game strictly for coop play.

In single player game runs OK. When second player joins the game (online multiplayer) it is still playable but seems to run a little worse. The problem begins when 3rd player joins the game and experience is even worse after 4th player joins the game. After 4th player joins the game it runs terribly for all of us (not in the hub but in missions) to the point that from time to time (quite often) game freezes for everybody for 0,5 seconds.  All of this happens in the first missions right after tutorial. The problem is the worst when players are near each other fighting with enemies.

I'm not sure but the problem seems to be not with graphics but with the processor. Maybe there are too many math calculations happening for 4 players in coop? It seems that no matter what graphics option we choose the problem is there.

To be honest we really HOPE for some kind of patch to this so PLEASE fix this somehow. Until this is fixed we simply can't play the game together.

Two more suggestions:

1) I would also like to see option to disable automatic movement when shooting/fighting. Currently when enemy is out of range for the weapon to hit him the player is automatically moved towards the enemy until it can damage it. I would prefer to move manually to enemy on every occasion. It is more demanding but also feels more that I'm playing the game not the AI ;) If I'm not mistaken Van Helsing on PS4 didn't have this auto move mechanics which was good (Diablo 3 also don't have auto move in combat).

2) Please also change the way zoom in and zoom out works with the right stick. The game is dynamic (which is fun) and when I rotate camera often I might occasionally zoom in or out while doing it. There should be some kind of zoom lock option, or maybe the ability to zoom in and out only when menu is displayed.

Game is great and I can't wait to play it with my friends but like I said we don't want to ruin our first playthrough experience so we hope for the patch that fixes the framerate/stability in 4 player coop for PS4.

4 years 270 days ago

Psalm codes work? Or wait for the update with technoadept?

4 years 272 days ago
On PS4 I am getting an environmental bug where if there are chains hanging from the ceiling they flash in and out of existence and cause this sort of black flashing on the screen. It is most notable in the early levels on the Martyr. Other than that a tonof jaggies, game looks and plays great. 
4 years 274 days ago

Where you can see what the properties of the subject may be. Know what you can do.

4 years 274 days ago

I know it. An upgrade with tyranids is not coming soon, but there is a demand gear.

4 years 274 days ago
it's for the future :)

Tyranids will come together with Prophecy

4 years 274 days ago

There are properties that are unlocked by killing tyranids. But there are no tyranids in the game.

4 years 274 days ago

Is there any way to turn off the tooltips?  Getting tired of going through them each time I start up the game.  I looked for an option to disable them, but couldn't find anything.

4 years 277 days ago

Thank you everyone for your feedback, we are working hard on the emerging issues, these will get handled most likely with the shortly coming next patch! 

4 years 279 days ago
Same here 
4 years 279 days ago
Also having the issue that the tarot card from the Desperate Crusade is locked even though I’ve done that priority assignment.

Also is it right we can now add 2 major tarot’s to a mission? The game allows me to but I’m unsure if I’m being rewarded for it or not, or if it is a glitch

4 years 280 days ago
I have noticed that when using the Tarot card system with an Intel mission, when you go to start the mission, you crash to the Xbox One dashboard everytime.

Also, the Forgotten Arsenal merchant no longer has any Relics for sale. Was this intentional?

4 years 280 days ago
Hi Devs, thanks for the amazing update for us console gamers!

A question regarding local Coop Campaign: is there a way the local coop will provide character growth/character creation to 2nd player or the 2nd player progression is locked and is a mere assist to the player 1?

I belive would be great to have a 100% Diablo experience where 2 players can start the campaign together, get loot and build their character at the same time... 

4 years 280 days ago
I have the same problem. 
4 years 281 days ago

great update so far but i get always a bluscreen when tring to aceess the cabal menu. Im on a german version on ps4.

4 years 281 days ago

Thx for this huge update to the game, seems to overhaul the complete game, alot of work done @Neocore *hug*

Next step to make me happy ( and mom allways told thats important to please her little Inquisitor ) .. Inquisitor - Prophecy release on console pls .. quick :D

Best regards,


4 years 282 days ago
Posted by SYKOJAK 4 years 282 days ago
The patch is great so far, but I have noticed a discrepancy with one of the Tarot Cards. The Martyrdom Tarot Card requires you to complete the DLC Desperate Crusade to unlock. I have already completed the priority mission but the card is not unlocked for some reason. 
Thank you for the feedback, we will investigate this issue, and we will unlock it retroactively.
4 years 282 days ago
The patch is great so far, but I have noticed a discrepancy with one of the Tarot Cards. The Martyrdom Tarot Card requires you to complete the DLC Desperate Crusade to unlock. I have already completed the priority mission but the card is not unlocked for some reason. 
4 years 283 days ago
Combat is actually slower. For example the boltgun single shot has a greater delay between shots and there is a very annoying delay in shooting when my character switch targets. 

Cooldowns are not working correct on weapon skills. My character shoots much slower.

4 years 283 days ago
Posted by Grimwind 4 years 283 days ago
Everything is running alot smoother can't wait to go through the campaign again. Only problem I'm having is I can't access any of my extras, Pets,Footprints,Emotes etc. Is anyone else having this issue at all?

We know about this issue, the problem is at our side and we are working to solve it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix it as soon as possible!

4 years 283 days ago

The control and combat experience in the missions is so much responsive and smoother now. And making the starmap missions useful again via tarot cards feels so much better than the tarot mission generator.

Now it makes fun to collect and level up items again, because crafting seems straightforward (at least for Diablo 3 players

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4 years 283 days ago
Posted by Grimwind 4 years 283 days ago
Everything is running alot smoother can't wait to go through the campaign again. Only problem I'm having is I can't access any of my extras, Pets,Footprints,Emotes etc. Is anyone else having this issue at all?
I can't either, i have the season pass, can't access anything, hope they fix it soon-otherwise this is AWESOME NEWS! great job Neocore <3
4 years 283 days ago

Here you can watch our live stream we made at the release:


This comment was edited 4 years 283 days ago by Darths
4 years 283 days ago

PS4. When any weapon skill are used all other abilities are put on a 1 second cooldown.

4 years 283 days ago
Everything is running alot smoother can't wait to go through the campaign again. Only problem I'm having is I can't access any of my extras, Pets,Footprints,Emotes etc. Is anyone else having this issue at all?
4 years 283 days ago
Woooo finally !!! Feels smooth 
4 years 283 days ago
A good start.

JK looks amazing DL as we type. 

For the Emperor! 

4 years 283 days ago
Wow awesome job guys! Didn't expect a huge patch like that. Thanks for supporting the game!