PS4 to PS5 Auto Trophys dont pop up Buggy


Hello i have done all Trophys  (100%) on  PS4  now i buyed the PS5 Version because i hear it  Autopops the Trophys  from PS4 to PS5 but  it dont work :(

Can you Please Transfer the PS4  Online Saves ( all done ) to the PS5  Saves ( it show only a half Trophys unlocked  } 

 and let them all Autopop it .

On PS5 i  have  only got 44  Trophys from 88 Trophys unlocked PLEASE FIX IT !!

ID: Verkardor same on Playstation and here

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PS4 to PS5 Auto Trophys dont pop up Buggy
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310 days ago

Hi thx i hope it works if they Transfer the PS4 Saves to PS5 but can you make please a Backup from the PS5 Savegame (the current status )if the Transfer not work because i must start a Fresh New Game if the Trophys not Autopop ;( to transfer my old ps5 saves what i play now (the current status) i saw online most players get all Trophys in a sec why it dont work on my Game ?

310 days ago
Hey there, I'm sorry about the trouble. I've forwarded your request to our console team, they will take a look at it as soon as they can allocate the time to it. Thank you for the patience :)