Proper Community Building required


Good day to ya all out there,

I have been wondering ever since Early Access started about the approach towards the effective community building, which is sort of adamant for an ARPG in past, present and future. I am also aware that Neocore Games might be a very small development company when compared to other studios out there and not everything might be perfect or be approached appropriately when viewed under that aspect.

With regard to the above I would like to point out the current forums being used for Inquisitor Martyr (you may replace the Game name with any other game). The form of the forum itself might be appropriate for a company, but it is somewhat inadequate for building effective and supportive game communities.

The Reasons why it is in adequate in my opinion are the following:

1. Access to the forums and the respective subforums and threads feels and is tedious to approach, as the forum ever only represents the current discussion topics from the respective hub when first entering the forums.

2. The Subforum structure is not adequate for supporting a multilingual game offered in various countries, where community building forms a important part for the game in the long run.

3. The appearance of the current forum form reminds me of staring at a smartphone.

Therefore I would like to suggest a Revamp for the game specific forums with a better visual accessibility and a structure for example like set out below:

General Community:

     - Forum Rules

     - Announcements

     - General

     - (40K) Stories

     - Cabal Recruitment

     - Off-topic


     - German

         - Allgemein

         - Geschichten

         - Kabalen Rekrutierung

    - Spanish

    - (add other major language groups as shown by rough sales figures)  


     - Accounts

     - X-Box

     - PC

    - Playstation

    - Bug reports

    - Feedback

    - Suggestions

This would be helpful to build a more effective community in the long run especially if one considers that untypically for a 40K game you have a considerably good quality of the game and even ran into problems resulting from unexpectedly high player numbers.

Kind regards,

Feuerteufel / Heredatius

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Proper Community Building required
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