Progress locked after making new character


My game seems to be stuck in a state blocking progression. I deleted my first character to reroll a new character (I had rolled a Scryer but decided I wanted the Aetherwalker perk instead).

But now that new character has no access to story missions of any kind after selecting "skip tutorial." There are arrows pointing to the Saint Abelard Relay Station but there is no mission I can accept there.

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Progress locked after making new character
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1 year 294 days ago

Another player reported a similar issue from PS4. I forwarded the problem to the console team and urged them to track down the problem in the shortest time possible and fix it as this is a major issue.

Thanks for finding out the source of the bug and also the report!

1 year 296 days ago
I was able to resolve this issue by deleting the new character and rerolling again with a new character, this time without skipping the tutorial. I suspect that the issue could be replicated by skipping the tutorial on a new character.

For anyone else experiencing this issue, my recommendation is NOT to skip the tutorial on a new character. I think that will prevent the bug.